2D Animation and Effects Demo Reel

This is my most recent 2D demo reel. Most of the footage is from "By The Rapids".

Music: "La Chambre" by Yann Teirsen


Giant Bear Page

This is the original piece of art the animation was done for.

This was a freelance animation piece done in the style of a pop up like story book. The artwork was done by a native artist from Nunavut, and the concept was to tell a story in a very planar, story book and stylized way. I had the challenge of trying to create depth and a moving camera using only a 2D image. Helping show the artist where to separate layers, we were able to come up with this. Narration will be dubbed over the animation.

Classical Animation

Here are some classical animations I found from a few years back.

Parkdale Estate Wine Label

Some of the finer perks of being in the industry are the ability to poke fun at one's self. This label was done for a wine bottle that had been made and aged in the heart of Toronto's "up and coming" neighbourhood of Parkdale. With carefully selected grape juice and cellared in a select corner of the room, we were able to embrace the rich aroma and bold taste of this one of a kind Cab Sauv. I light heartedly designed a label that gave a true insight as to the true pleasures of my everyday life.  

Dodgeball Logo's

These are a few dodgeball logo's done for the team "I'd hit that". The team was co-ed so they had decided to do both the male and female versions of a pin up style. I had little input with the colour selection.


This piece of artwork was inspired by the work of David Colman. I had a chance to meet him in Toronto during the FanEx and his concept art had lead me to this piece. 

"Lisa's Tree"

This was a commissioned piece that was done digitally. 

3D Short